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It is so important to select the right flagpole to fly your flag. Dano Mast A/S offers a wide range to meet your needs in low maintenance and lightweight glassfibre with a long term guarantee.
Dano Mast A/S represents solid experience and personal commitment. We are a Danish production company with facilities in Hovborg, South Jutland created by glassfibre pioneers, Maren and Gunner Thøgersen, in the 1960’s

Their expertise has been passed to the next generation who have invested in the most modern and automated production equipment, providing capacity and flexibility for every size of order, large, medium or small – all delivered to meet customer demand.

The glassfibre construction, which gives the flagpole it’s strength, has been developed with the Danish Technological Institute and is made in accordance with national regulations for both environmental protection and safety within the work place.

10 Years Warranty.
Dano Mast A/S provide a ten-year warranty against breakage of flagpoles due to production defects when used with the correct size of flag in winds up to 55 miles per hour – a guarantee that beats everyone else in the market place.

If your location is exposed to very high winds enquire about heavy or extra heavy duty flagpoles with extra thick walls.

Accessories for every Flagpole Application.
In addition to our high quality flagpoles we also offer a well-planned range of accessories – examples vary from

  • gold effect onion shaped rotating finials to rigid plastic mushroom shaped tops,
  • ground tubes for plain butt budget poles to hinged bases for ease of raising and lowering more permanent poles
  • traditional halyard to raise and lower the flag to a banner arm that spins on the pole top offering permanent display for both sides of the flag.

Our finials are made from Lyran, a UV stable material offering longer colour stability, compared to our competitors. We also offer self-locking halyard-holders to keep the flag in position. There are many more options among the following data sheets.

 Our accessory range has been designed to the smallest detail with our customers in mind.

We are committed to giving you the best service with motivated and experienced staff along with a comprehensive flagpole range to promote your products – this will increase awareness of your business for generations to come
– by Flying Your Flag