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Life long experience When Gunnar and Maren Thøgersen in the beginning of the sixties began their pioneering production of fibreglass items they laid the foundations for the unique expertise in fibreglass flagpole production, which now makes Dano Mast and GT Glasfiber Originally the company was named GT Glasfiber (named after Gunnar Thøgersen) while the more melodious name Dano Mast has come by later. Today Dano Mast is the trading name for high quality flagpoles produced in Denmark.

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The reason why so many choose Dano Mast Through the last decades the advantages of fibreglass flagpole have become more and more obvious. Strong glass fibre reinforced polyester is the raw material, which ensures the flagpole a long life without cracks or breakage as opposed to the more traditional wooden flagpole. Dano Mast fibreglass flagpole have a smooth and shiny dirt-repellent surface, which does not require paint or lacquer. At the same time the fibreglass flagpole offers a new range of possibilities such as internal halyard. And it is light-weight for instance an 8 meter flagpole weighs only 13 kilos. Dano Mast supplies flagpoles of wood as well as fibreglass, fittings and all other kinds of accessories for flagpoles.