Fibreglass flagpoles

Bearbejdning af flagstænger 675 x 450 px   Flagstang stk. med roving Gelcoat og  glasfibber 28_m__skygge[1]  

Dano Mast flagpoles are made of light resistant glassfibre polyester which is maintenance free. Whilst white is standard, the gel-coat surface of the poles can be applied in colours from the RAL range. They are manufactured in standard lengths of 2-18 m and are supplied complete with finial, halyard and cleat. Dano Mast flagpoles are available with the following features

  • With plain butts for mounting on existing supports
  • With hinged base plates
  • With pavement sockets
  • With wall brackets
  • Flagpoles for builders
  • With internal halyard systems
  • With fixed banner arm
  • With “Windtracker” hoistable banner arm
  • Flagpoles in 2 parts
  • With heavy duty and extra heavy duty walls
  • Dyed to any colour
  • With Digital Antenna Finials
  • With Down light to illuminate flags
  • With special bases supplied by others or custom metalwork from ourselves

Dano Mast flagpoles are strong yet lightweight and easy to handle an maintain. Algae and atmospheric pollution can be cleaned with soapy water or supermarket solvent. After many years the pole may lose its gloss finish but this can be recovered using car wax. With care and servicing the pole should never need painting.