Fixed rotating banner arm

Fast Bannerarm uden knop_18 250 x 269 px m tekst[1]

Dano Mast flagpoles are available with a rotating banner arm for portrait style flags. The banner arm can rotate 360° thus showing the message of the flag at all times, even in calm weather. The flag is kept in place with a weight at the bottom of the flag and pole ties at intervals of approx. 1 m at the side of the flag. (Ties are not included the flagpole, must be ordered separately). Flags for banner arms are custom made for this use. To change the flag the flagpole must be lowered. The rotating banner arm is available in 120 cm and 150 cm length. Flagpoles with fixed banner arms are also available with our standard (flat) finials. Fast Bannerarm_17 175 x 100 beskæret[1]

Fast Arm 50_m med tekst[1]

Knop til Fast Bannerarm_17_b 269 x 250 px[1]