Hoistable banner arm – Windtracker

Windtracker samlet. 250 x 269 pxjpg

Løsdele til Windtracker str. 250x269 px m. tekstHåndsving_tyverisikring 250 x 269 px[1]

Dano Mast flagpole are also available with hoistable rotating Windtracker banner arm system, for portrait style flags. The advantage of this type of Dano Mast flagpole is that the flag can be hoisted and lowered by means of a pulley in the flagpole rather than lowering the whole flagpole in order to change flags. The banner arm can rotate 360° thus showing the message of the flag at all times, even in calm weather.
To keep the flag in place, the flag is fitted with pole ties with intervals of approximately 1 m and a weight at the bottom of the flag. Used for flagpoles with inner line from 5 – 18 meters. Used for high edge flag. The flags are sewn with tunnelled elastic at top for a banner arm of at least 60 mm. Or for tent chain. We recommend a max width of 1500 mm for the flags. Hight corresponding to 1/3 the length of the flagpole. The Windtracker lifting banner arm system is a simple and easy solution, since it is made of lightweight aliminium and easy to install. The banner arm comes in two combinations. From 5 – 12 meters and 13 – 18 meters.