Internal halyard system

Dano Mast flagpoles are available with internal halyard system for added flag and halyard security. The anti-theft system is available in two different versions: With internal halyard and pulley or with internal halyard with lock and key.

Håndsving_tyverisikring 250 x 269 px[1]

INTERNAL HALYARD SYSTEM WITH WINCH AND CRANK For 5 – 18 metre flagpoles. Consists of a winch mounted inside the flagpole, about 80 cm from bottom. The winch is fixed with 2 screws or bushes. The winch contains a plastic stripping and the halyard is fitted onto the stripping with a turning point. The crank handle is used to hoist or lower the flag. After the flag is hoisted, the crank handle is removed for safe keeping.

Låsebeslag til nøgle i flagstang 269 x 250 pxLåsebeslag til nøgle 95 x 110 px

INTERNAL HALYARD WITH LOCK AND KEY For 4 – 10 metre flagpoles. Consists of an internal jamming cleat housing with lockable door mounted in the flagpole wall approx. 120 cm from the butt. The halyard runs through and is held firmly in a jamming cleat. The halyard is released by a light downward tug, after which the flag can be hoisted or lowered by operating the halyard through the door in the housing. Surplus halyard is left inside the flagpole. The housing and door system is made of white-coated stainless steel and supplied with a set of two keys.