Pavement socket

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The flagpoles with pavement socket are made from 4 to 8 metres in height. Perfect for flagpoles that need to be erected quickly and easily in streets and then removed just as quickly. A pavement socket set consists of

  • A ground socket with fixed cover
  • An upper tube with three welded-on wedges, locking eyes welded onto the base and tree welded-on buds onto the tube in the bottom.
  • Two shackles

The upper tube with wedges is smaller in diameter than the ground socket so that the upper tube fits inside the ground socket. The sleeved upper tube results in the two tubes being of identical, which ensures that the flagpole is set at a central position in the ground socket. The wedges placed on the upper tube ensure that the flagpole will be set a central position in the ground socket and therefore be vertical. The difference in diameter between the upper tube and the ground socket ensures that sand and gravel fall to be bottom of the ground socket and not become wedged between the two tubes. To prevent theft and vandalism of flagpoles with pavement socket the lid of the socket has an eyelet welded onto it. When the upper tube is placed in the ground socket the eyelets are interlocked with two shackles or a padlock.

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