Telescopic flagpoles

Telskopstang str. 200x300px[1]

Teleskopelementer[1] 200 x 200px m.tekst

Telescopic flagpoles in Height 4 and 6 metres. Easy to mount.

  • On asphalt: Park the front wheel of your vehicle on the flagpole foot.
  • On grass: Park on the flagpole foot or use the screw foot if the ground is soft.
  • Push the flagpole to the position you want and mount the flag.

For square flags a halyard roll is mounted at the top of the pole so that the halyard rolls easily. Banner arms are extra accessory. The banner arm makes it possible to show the flag/banner even in calm weather. The banner arm is adjustable in three different lengths (92 cm, 102 cm and 111 cm) and is ideal for indoor use. If you want your message to be clear even at a distance you will find the telescopic flagpole helpful. The telescopic flagpole is ready for use in less than 2 minutes. The pole has been designed in light weight metal and is easy to carry, furthermore it stores easily in the boot of your car. The telescopic flagpole is simply a really good idea, which will help you gain people´s attention in the market place.