Wall brackets

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CANTILEVER WALL BRACKET For 2 – 6 metre flagpoles.
Cantilever wall brackets comprise:

  • A socket bracket for fixing the pole to the wall.
  • A tube bonded into protruding from the butt of the flagpole.

Cantilever wall brackets are available in vertical or in angle of 35° to horizontal angled mounting. The cantilever wall brackets can be fixed to the facing by coach screws and rawlplugs, however some brick and block-work will require expanding bolts or chemicals fixings – if doubt consult your builder or architect. The flagpole with the protruding metal upper tube is fitted into the wall bracket socket and secured through the socket by means of a short bolt. Lodret- og vinkel konsoller. 300x200px og tekstjpg  

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WALL BRACKETS WITH HINGED BASE For 6 – 10 metre flagpoles. Wall brackets with hinged base include.:

  • A platform fixed to the facing by means of bolts.
  • A mast band mounted to the facing about 200 cm higher and clamped round the flagpole.
  • A flagpole embodied with a hinged foot is mounted to the platform.

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